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RTA Portal expansion most likely to be delayed due to significant changes to draft civil procedure

Date: (21 December 2012)    |    

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Major amendments to the draft civil procedure rules next year would not give enough time to implement the government’s plans to expand the RTA portal, Claims Portal, the company behind the portal has warned. The government has planned to expand the portal on 1April 2013.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has announced an increase in the upper limit for portal RTA claims from £10,000 to £25,000 from April next year and an expansion to include employers’ and public liability claims up to that amount.

Claims Portal also said in a board statement that, in any event, A2A (application to application) access to the portal would not be available by April, causing “additional effort and cost” to firms handling employer’s and public liability claims.

A spokeswoman for Claims Portal, formerly RTA Portal Co, said the civil procedure rules committee failed to finalise the rules relating to the portal at its meeting on 7 December. She said they were not likely to finalise it before 8 February 2013.

Without any significant changes made from the drafts, the extended portal would still be on course to be available by 1 April 2013, with some manual ‘workarounds’, which would have to be used until the first software amendment was implemented, which again would be available in September 2013 she added.

The spokeswoman went on to explain that the software currently being built for 1 April 2013 was designed to enable access to the RTA area of the extended portal by both web users and A2A users.

“Due to time constraints, initially only web-based access was going to be available for the employer’s and public liability area of the extended portal,” she said.

She said that A2A access, which enables larger firms to customise their interface to the portal, would be available until the first ‘software amendment’ was made, which was planned for September.

The spokeswoman added that Claims Portal had regular meetings with the MoJ to discuss developments, the last on Wednesday this week.