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Ministers plan to launch web app’ to help divorcing couples settle their disputes amicably

Date: (25 June 2012)    |    

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In a new initiative the government has come up with a plan to give separating couple ‘divorce app’ to help them through the process of painful separation.
The web based application would provide guidance to the couple on how to divorce without making the whole process a painful affair. The advice would try and see that the couple have an amicable settlement and also suggest on how not to quarrel in front of their children.
The scheme is estimated to cost £14million which would help divorcing parents to download the application or widget for their computers and mobile phones.
Though critics would be wary of any such move as millions are being allocated on such ‘nanny state’ policies at a time of austerity, the Ministers say that the ‘divorce app’ would in fact save money because it will encourage parents to reach their own post-separation financial deals, instead of going to the expensive Child Support Agency.
The Department for Work and Pensions said that the £14million will go to groups to create a menu of support services for parents who are separating, accessible via the app.
The advice would include guidance on avoiding arguments, sorting out child support payments and how to deal with situation where they have to meet an ex-partner’s new boyfriend or girlfriend.
There will also be help for wives dumped in favour of a younger woman, those who have second thoughts about breaking up, and those concerned about how to deal with stepchildren.
The new app would be based on websites which are already being visited by the parents so as to have an easy accessibility.
Ministers will also call on to charities and private organisations to bid for part of the £14million fund so they can run innovative family support services.
Families minister Maria Miller said that to give children of divorcing parents the best the government was making it easier for parents to access the help they need during the difficult times.
The fund will be for interventions that can help parents work together, including intensive counseling, emotional support and mediation, as well as online and telephone advice.