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Family Law

know matters can be both

highly sensitive and confusing

Family Law can be both highly sensitive and confusing

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In difficult times when you need trusted advice, Duncan Lewis experienced Family Team can provide expert legal assistance. Many of the family team at Duncan Lewis are Family Panel and Children Panel members. This means they are specialists in Family and Child Care law and specialise in the highly specialist areas of family and childcare law.

Family proceedings are sensitive, especially when children are involved. Duncan Lewis actively provides solutions that reduce pressure on those involved. The family team at Duncan Lewis are able to provide confidential and sympathetic advice with regards to your family related legal problems.

Duncan Lewis family team specialise in many areas of family law, including;

Domestic Violence

Duncan Lewis family solicitors place a high priority in helping victims of domestic violence. In times of emergency, we can offer same day appointments and can assist with:

• Contacting groups offering support Injunctions (Non-Molestation Orders)
• Dealing with the occupancy of the family home (Occupation Orders)
• Enforcement
• Powers of Arrest

Divorce & Separation

Duncan Lewis’ family team can guide you through all aspects of your divorce. Our family team can help you with future financial arrangements, dealing with:

• Arrangements for children following a divorce or separation
• Contested divorce proceedings
• Nullity & Judicial Separation
• Uncontested divorce proceedings

Finance and Property

Following a divorce, there are often complex issues that need direct action. Duncan Lewis’ family team are able to help with:
• Adoption
• Child maintenance (both married and unmarried couples)
• Contact & Residence Orders
• Financial matters arising from the dissolution of marriage /nullity or judicial separation (Ancillary Relief)
International issues Private Law
• Parental Responsibility
• Pre-nuptial agreements
Prohibited Steps Orders
• Property disputes for unmarried families
Specific Issues Orders

Duncan Lewis has offices in and around London. All of our offices are listed below:

Duncan Lewis – Clapham Junction
Duncan Lewis – Dalston
Duncan Lewis – Harrow
Duncan Lewis – New Cross
Duncan Lewis – Romford
Duncan Lewis – Shepherds Bush

If you need any family advice, contact Duncan Lewis now.