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As a pilot a special court has started functioning at the Northamptonshire Magistrates to try more number domestic violence cases.

Date: (14 June 2012)    |    

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First time a six month pilot at Northamptonshire Magistrates is being set up to try more numbers of successful prosecutions solely to deal in domestic violence cases
The special court would sit every Thursday and is supported by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).
Northamptonshire Police said it investigates around 200 high-risk domestic violence cases each month.
Det Sgt Phil Mills said that they wanted to try and encourage people to report incidents and help them to get safe and stay safe.
The CPS said it would also be looking at giving magistrates more training to deal with cases.
Whether the pilot courts would be a permanent feature or not would depend on the number of guilty pleas at first hearings.
A spokesman from the Department of Justice said that the accreditation process for a Specialist Domestic Violence Court requires criminal justice agencies and local authorities demonstrating that they have the infrastructure, services and training.
It includes the provision of independent domestic violence advocates to support victims of domestic violence and to bring offenders to justice.
Wendy Lovell from Women's Aid, a charity that supports victims of domestic violence, said that it has been trying to get this special court for some time and now they were feeling that it was a very positive step.