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I wanted a divorce, quick. Things just didn’t work out with my expartner and we were still living together and married as we just couldn’t afford to get divorced. We were not eligible for legal aid as we were earning just over the threshold, so we had to pay for our divorce. Most firms charge a ridiculous amount of money for this, but I enquired at Duncan Lewis and the rates were very reasonable. This made it easier for me to push forward on the divorce. Sima Ganatara from the Harrow office helped me with my divorce. I was well informed throughout and I was informed what was happening throughout. Our divorce was quite straight forward, despite 2 children being involved. They were not my partners, so they were coming to live with me and he had given them a lump sum money which they could use when they went to university as he was a father figure to them.

Duncan Lewis worked quickly and effienciently and our divorce was processed very quickly. There was no resent between my ex and I just that there we had grown apart. Since we have both got other partners, so with Simas help we could process our divirce quickly and effectively and move on with our lives. My children and I are all much happier. Thank you for your help