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I was so excited when my boyfriend proposed to me. He gave me the perfect ring and I was ready to get plan our wedding. When he mentioned a pre-nuptial agreement I was really upset at first, but then on further thought we realised that it was the sensible thing to do. I called Duncan Lewis and spoke to Amanjit Lalli, who is a partner at Duncan Lewis. Drawing up the prenup was quick and easy. Amanjit was very helpful and was reasonable in price. Duncan Lewis is predominantly a legal aid law firm, but they also do private work as well. My fiancé and I were very happy with the work carried out by Duncan Lewis. We are now looking to buy a house and we have been referred to Rupinder Kang for our conveyancing issues. She seems lovely. If she is as good as Amanjit then we are definitely going to be getting a great service at an affordable price!