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know matters can be both

highly sensitive and confusing


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I had been suffering for a long time in silence, from an abusive relationship. I felt trapped and scared to say anything. It wasn’t until my neighbour reported my problem to the police when I realised I could do something to get out of the situation I was in. I then sought legal advice from Duncan Lewis and visited Nadia Shazad at their Hackney Branch. I immediately felt at ease with Nadia and she took me through all the possible options I had. I had lost a lot of confidence and was very vulnerable at this point in time. I am so grateful that my neighbour spoke out for me and I found Duncan Lewis. I would not be here writing on this blog if I hadn’t sought help when I did. Nadia was kind and informative; the way she handled my case made me feel at ease and I knew that I would get the best outcome from Duncan Lewis. Thank you Nadia Shazad and Duncan Lewis! Should I need any more legal advice for family law, or any other issue I will not hesitate to contact Duncan Lewis.